Learning Solutions that deliver results.

SkillSoft products and services are designed to accelerate the ability of the New Economy workforce to master the business and technology skills required for competitive success. SkillSoft's extensive courseware libraries give learners access to a variety of learning and performance support resources - ranging from interactive courses to learning simulations to the full digitized content of the latest books, reports and journals.

SkillSoft focuses its content design efforts on these commitments:

  • Offering one of the most comprehensive, integrated e-learning solutions available on the market
  • Ensuring that all SkillSoft offerings meet its quality and consistency requirements
  • Developing tools that ensure rapid, cost-effective implementation
  • Providing professional services to ensure learning initiatives deliver measurable results

Instructional Design Framework

SkillSoft courses are designed to be highly interactive and engaging, through the use of instructional features such as simulations, case studies, hands-on exercises, assessments, photo-quality illustrations, and audio. SkillSoft courses, designed exclusively for web or intranet delivery, follow industry-proven instructional design methodology and maintain company-mandated quality and consistency standards.

Course Catalog

SkillSoft's course library spans several disciplines with curricula covering areas such as management, leadership, communication, project management, and customer service, as well as business subjects such as finance, business law, e-business, marketing, sales and strategy. SkillSoft business skills courses have passed AICC certification requirements. In November 2001, SkillSoft announced compliance with Section 508, the federal guidelines ensuring accessibility of software technology to those with physical disabilities.

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