IT Collection

e-Learning paths designed in partnership with software vendors that provide training and support for every stage of the IT learning curve.

SkillChoice™ IT

Trusted IT Solutions SkillChoiceT IT SkillChoice IT provides information technology professionals with access to in-depth coverage of today's relevant technologies and IT skills, including 5,300+ Books24x7® Referenceware® titles, and over 1,300 interactive courses. Learners are further assisted in their preparation for more than 100 professional IT certification exams. They are supported through a combination of additional resources including online mentoring, Express Guide® Manuals and TestPrep exams.


The IT Courseware Collection contains award winning courseware with breadth and depth across six critical technology subject areas, continually developed to keep up with the constantly changing requirements for various professional certifications. Simulations offer task-based multipath scenarios to provide realistic practice of technology subjects or applications. Integrated mentoring and mentored exercises enable rich interactions with experts online and through e-mail.

ITPro™ Referenceware® by Books24x7®

Books24x7 provides worldwide access to the largest and most current online reference collection available. The ITPro collection was designed by and for IT professionals who need to keep pace with the accelerating speed of technology and innovation. With thousands of books, ITPro provides broad and deep coverage of over 100.

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