Business Skills Collections

SkillSoft’s Business Skills Library focuses on behavioral skills (often called “soft skills”) that are designed for business professionals and key to performance regardless of job responsibility, as well as the skills and knowledge that are relevant to the various areas of functional responsibility in today’s business organizations.


Each rich multi-path SkillSimulation is designed to complement a learning path of courses by providing learners with realistic scenario-based practice in the business subjects being taught. Learn more about SkillSimulations .


With thousands of hours of business course instruction, SkillSoft provides support for the broad variety of skills and audiences that organizations need to develop internal competencies. Business skills courses employ a variety of instructional strategies to engage learners with high levels of interaction.

BusinessPro™ by Books24x7®

Books24x7 provides unobstructed access to thousands of the latest and best books from today’s leading publishers. The BusinessPro Collection provides professionals with the resources needed to accelerate their acquisition of knowledge, sharpen management acumen and increase professional development to drive core initiatives. New titles are added every week, ensuring the largest and most current online reference content.

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