Business Professional - BusinessPro™

BusinessProT, from Books24x7®, accelerates the acquisition of business knowledge, sharpens management acumen and inspires professional development.

BusinessPro delivers instant, fully searchable access to best-in-class content of thousands of titles from leading publishers in a Web-based environment. Whether used stand-alone, in conjunction with corporate training programs or integrated with knowledge management initiatives, BusinessPro is an essential tool for every corporate professional.

Contributing publishers include AMACOM, ASTD Press, Berrett-Koehler, Harvard Business Press, Jossey-Bass, Oxford University Press and John Wiley & Sons along with other prominent business publishers.

BusinessPro™ covers topics in these areas and more:

  • Mastering critical leadership skills
  • Understanding how to devise and implement an elearning policy
  • Getting specific advice on how to manage conflict or critical conversations
  • Grasping the dynamics of project management to more effectively manage outcome
  • Gaining knowledge of copyright and trademark basics and registration
  • Learning how mentoring can be used as an instructional intervention
  • And much more!

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