Executive Level - ExecSuite™

ExecSuiteT from Books24x7® supports senior leaders in daily management activities, unexpected crises, learning effective leadership techniques, increasing revenue and decreasing costs - practically any surprise you're faced with.

  • ExecSummaries™
    Need-to-read best practices providing insight and guidance on pressing strategic issues.
  • ExecBlueprints™
    Insightful summaries of the best business books of today's leading authors.

Learn From Your Peers

With highly trusted content authored by top industry executives, notable consultants, renowned authors and business gurus, ExecSuite is available 24x7 from the office or the road - online, or in many cases offline via downloadable PDF and MP3 files.

Ideal for busy corporate executives, strategic thinkers, tactical practitioners, financial managers, operational administrators or any role you and your key contributors fill, ExecSuite includes two of Books24x7's premier collections and an exclusive C-level collection created specifically for executives.

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