Learning Management Systems | SkillPortâ„¢

In today's world of information overload, the key to success includes more than providing learners with a set of high-quality learning resources; it's equally important to provide access to those resources when and how they are needed, in ways that are appropriate to a diverse array of learner needs.

The SkillPortâ„¢ platform allows companies to leverage multi-modal learning on a global basis, supporting formal and informal learning resources and integrating off-the-shelf as well as custom content.
SkillPort, the underlying management system for SkillSoft's e-learning solution, has been the platform of choice for hundreds of global organizations for more than five years. Our customers have found SkillPort to be an easy-to-implement, reliable and cost-effective way to deploy learning programs within their organizations.

Central to SkillPort's rich on-demand learning environment is a powerful search technology. Search-and-LearnT provides learners with a fast and easy way to search a broad array of e-learning content including courses, online books, live mentors, practice certification exams and more, and then instantly select the learning experience that is most appropriate.


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