The 5 A's of effective corporate learning:

  • Available: Getting to the info
  • Appropriate: Relevance is critical
  • Accessed: Learning begins
  • Absorbed : Transforming info
  • Applied: Applied

At the Speed of Business: 5 A's of the Corporate Learning Chain Research.

" Business professionals are learning all the time, and their need for information is often driven by the dynamic nature of the business environment. However, the costs associated with fruitless searches are enormous: IDC research suggests that knowledge workers spend 15-30% of their time actively seeking specific information, however, these searches are successful less than 50% of the time and can cost millions in time and opportunity costs. For the Fortune 500, the total cost represents between $60 and $85 billion in direct costs of failed searches and twice that amount in the opportunity costs of searching for information ."

" Several factors determine the ultimate value of knowledge sought and found. At the most basic level, a causal chain of events must be satisfied before information can make its way from simply being available to being applied in a business setting. "

" SkillSoft's SkillChoice multi-modal learning is a system that is built to address the imperatives of organizations and individuals in their search for information. It is built to engage the natural learning process and present information that is appropriate to the learning needs and patterns of the individual worker. "

Report from IDC, Cushing Anderson, July 2003